Thorough DNS check, simple report

Run a complete DNS health and propagation check for any domain or subdomain. Analyze the parent server records, DNS server security and the most vital DNS resource records such as NS, SOA, MX, A and AAAA records. Generate simple to understand DNS report with suggestions on how to fix and improve the configuration and health of DNS infrastructure.

DNS Report

DNS Report

Detailed DNS report with suggestions on how to fix issues and follow recommended practices.
IPv4 and IPv6 test

IPv4 and IPv6 test

Check if your domain is IPv6 ready and solve DNS resolution issues on IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
DNS resolution check

DNS resolution check

Solve domain resolution problems by analyzing child and parent DNS zones.
IDN support

IDN support

Automatic Punycode conversion for emoji and internationalized domain names.


Support for all top-level domain extensions included in the DNS root zone database.
For free :)

For free :)

Generate an unlimited number of DNS reports for an endless number of domains for free!
Test Parent DNS Server

Parent DNS Server

  • Analyze domain propagation by checking parent DNS server records
  • Check domain NS records at parent servers
  • View A and AAAA records for used nameservers
  • Validate IPv4 and IPv6 glue records for private nameservers
Test NS Records

NS Records

  • Troubleshoot domain resolution problems by checking NS records
  • Compare NS and glue records sent from parent and child nameservers
  • Check nameserver availability by testing UTP and TCP connections
  • Find lame nameservers
  • Nameserver security check finding open resolvers and DNS software version leaks
Test SOA Records

SOA Records

  • A detailed review of sent SOA resource records
  • Consistency check of SOA records sent from all nameservers
  • SOA values validation
  • Compare returned domain SOA values with recommended values
Test MX Records

MX Records

  • Resolve email deliverability problems by checking MX records
  • MX records validity and consistency validation
  • Check IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for mail exchangers
  • Review mail exchanger's reverse DNS (PTR) records
Test WWW Records

WWW Records

  • Solve website resolution issues by checking WWW records
  • Analyze WWW A and AAAA records
  • Check web server's IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Review CNAME WWW resource records